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LifeGuard® Advanced Antioxidant Therapy - Strengthen Your Body's Defense System
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LifeGuard® Junior Advanced Antioxidant Therapy - Parents all over America can and do depend on it
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LifeGuard® Joint Formula - get your joints moving... comfortably
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Total Rejuvenation® Cel-Vitalization Formula - helps combat the aging process
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StarPac® Daily Essential Nutrient Complex - takes the guesswork out of vitamins
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Psycles® Female Nutrient Support System - helps control the effects of PMS and Menopause
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WellPak® Female (LifeGuard® Antioxidant, StarPac®, Psycles®) - Take the Guesswork out of Optimum Nutrition with Starlight's WellPak®
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WellPak® Male (LifeGuard® Antioxidant, StarPac®, Taurus®) - Take the Guesswork out of Optimum Nutrition with Starlight's WellPak®
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Howdy from Texas. If you are like me you may be curious, wish to learn regardless of age, very skeptical, hate pyramid deals and are concerned about your health. There are thousands of "hot deals" to "get rich" on the internet, big problem, only 1/2 of 1% make money for anyone other than the bozo selling the deal. That is why this is not what this is about. I am going to share with you my personal experience. What you do is your own business.

My name is Gerald Gabbert. I live in South Texas, a short drive from South Padre Island. I am 67 years of age and in great shape. That has not always been the case. We all react to different things in different ways. In 1988 my daughter came very close to loosing her life in a car accident, we had a $500,000.00 embezzlement in our business, and my wife of 30 years was diagnosed with cancer. Great year. I am just an ordinary guy and react to stress just like many other people react. After 10 years of trying to recover our business, which had been in the family since 1943, I decided to sell the business. The stress continued with my concern with my wife, what she was going through with the cancer treatments in Houston, and of course, the financial pressure. I had gained from 185 lbs. in 1988 to 345 lb. in 1998. My wife passed away in 2001 and after a short time, I made a decision to do something for myself; loose weight and improve my health. Health and wellness, that is what it is all about. Think I am kidding? Take a look at this! WOW! Blood pressure out of sight, Cholesterol out of sight, difficulty in walking, no energy, and on and on. (let alone I was fat slob in the middle, but you know that!).

A few months after my wife passed away, I started going to a little restaurant/dance hall-bar on the Rio Grande River. I would sit by my self and watch the people dance and have a great time. One afternoon this cute little blonde came up and literally drug me onto the dance floor. She explained that she had Fibromyalgia and could not even get out of bed for several years. Then she learned about a product called Starlight. She also explained she had also become very heavy and used a Starlight product as a diet supplement. O. K., here we go..... just another fad deal. (I thought what a bunch of bunk, but I will be polite and listen). She gave my some literature and told me if I was interested to contact her and she would give me a sample of the diet supplement. And that was the end of that. After she did not call trying to sell me anything, I called her and told her I would like to try the samples. Well, one thing lead to another and 11 months later, back down to 218 lbs. And, best of all, that is where I am today. Blood pressure-normal, Cholesterol-in range, energy-you bet. Check out my photo with my son at our family barbeque.

Now, I am not trying to sell you anything either. But if you have any health issue, you owe it to yourself to check out the Starlight products. Starlight's spokesman is Robert Wagner. What the heck, you can even become a distributor and make few bucks while improving your health. This stuff really works. And if you don't do anything, you at least got to see me fat and looking good. My natural health products are available here.Good Luck!




I have had a lot of phone calls wanting information about the products I am using. The first product I used and am still using, is Natural Trim®. Natural Trim® is completely natural and safe. You can get all the information on Natural Trim® here.

I have always believed if you are going to diet, one needs to make sure the body is getting proper vitamins and minerals. That is why I started with StarPac® from Starlight International. StarPac® is a combination of 21 vitamins and minerals. I take one pack each day. And if I miss, I can tell the difference. So, I never miss. This is a very convenient way to get all the vitamins and minerals and very easy if traveling. You don't need two handful bottles of pills. I know everything in the StarPac® works together. I always wondered if that was the case when I selected the combination I was previously taking before Starlight. I highly recommend StarPac® regardless if you are trying to loose weight or really want to be healthy. You can get all the information on StarPac® here.

When I spoke with that cute little blonde that drug me on to the dance floor, she told me the product she relied on in her recovery was Lifeguard® Antioxidant.She explained there was no information as to why this helped her, but she was trying just about everything to improver her health. She tried Lifeguard® Antioxidant and it worked for her. I still take Lifeguard® Antioxidant daily. I am not a medical person but I do understand about "free radicals" causing destruction of cells. I think this is particularly true if you are dieting. Here is a direct quote off the Starlight International web: "Due to dietary deficiencies, U.S. Government studies indicate that 91% of all Americans may develop costly health problems." This is where Liftguard® Antioxidant can be of help. I think everyone should be taking Liftguard® Antioxidant. You can get all the information on Liftguard® here. You can also purchase Starlight Products on line from my Products Page here.

I had no idea so many people would be interested in the Starlight Distributor Opportunity. Guess I should have because if you are a hard worker you can make good money. If you are interested you can visit my Starlight web at You can also order products directly from Starlight HERE or if you just wish to purchase products and have me ship them to you, click here.

Or if you need questions answered, give me a call at (956)451-8668 or send me an email here. I will respond to your email immediately.